Monday, July 25, 2011

the colors of money

When you think of the interiors of banks, what comes to mind?  Boring, mundane, dull, colorless......  And why is that, I wonder?  Such a serious subject requires a stale palette?  Well, these lifeless thoughts sure weren't on the minds of the architects and designers that created the Sugamo Shinkin Bank in Tokyo.  Starting from the exterior, twelve planes of colorful resin-coated panels strategically draw the customer's eye upward.  The interior of the bank is just as stimulating, integrating softness and natural light through elliptical glass tubes that descend from skylights.  The colors of the exterior are revisited through the use of a repeated "abstracted dandelion-puff graphic" as well as through upholstery.  Their goal was accomplished - creating a sense of community and friendly customer service in a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere.  I don't know about you, but this bank is somewhere that I would transer my funds!  Maybe even hang out for a minute or two.........