Tuesday, August 30, 2011

carefully cultivated

The exterior is just as important as the interior....  This statement definitely proves true with this 1915 Rhode Island cottage that was decorated from the outside in.

...an exterior covered in English Ivy and shaded by oaks...

...a trellis full of wisteria framing a planter holding geraniums and sweet-potato vines...

...a screened-in porch surrounded by beach grass...

...a bright and airy patio with vintage-vibe wrought iron...

Monday, August 29, 2011

posh pillows

Outer Banks Trading Group is featuring new pillows by Lacefield Designs.  These pillows would make for great conversation pieces.....  With the wide variety of styles, themes and color palettes, you're sure to find a couple to coordinate with your existing decor!

#05 "Love" Bird on Flax Pillow

#02 Conch Shell Pillow

#03 Rooster Grainsack Pillow

#01 Architectural Drawing Silk Screen Pillow

#06 Grey Snail on Yellow Dot Fabric Pillow

#02 Night Owl with Applique Pillow

#09 Pardevant Silk Screen with Mint Stripe Applique Pillow

#14 You Are My Sunshine Pillow

#01 Bird of Paradise Pillow

#03 Timepiece with Raw Edge Pillow

Friday, August 26, 2011

friday fun find: wall dots

Wall Dots from Chive will add just the right amount of interest to your walls.  The 6 inch diameter circular dots have small openings that are perfect for flowers, decorative grasses, or whatever fits your style!  Use one dot as a single statement piece, or use multiple colored dots to create a wall full of art...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

diva-licious dorm decor

What did your dorm room look like when you were in college?  What type of theme did you go for?  Did you have a coordinating color scheme with your roomies?  Um, yeah.  Me neither.  Living in a quad my freshman year, four people coming together was a mish-mash of crap, all thrown together in one tiny room in hopes that we all won't kill each other and we pass with flying colors and return the next year as sophomores.  It seems a little different nowadays in regards to dorm room style.  There seems to be a little more attention drawn towards college comfort.  The coolest of dorm decor can now be found (very affordably) at stores like Target, Kohls, etc., and maybe a little more on the pricey side from PBdorm, a spin-off site from PBteen that I just discovered.  It seems a little over the top to me, but hey, more power to ya if you can afford the luxuries of Pottery Barn for your kids dorm rooms (and yes parents, I mean you since the kids are definitely not the ones paying for their dorm decor......hello?  everyone knows that all college students are super poor).  The room inspirations from PBdorm are so comfy and stylish, I only dreamt of a room this...

The offerings from PBdorm are a college student's fantasy.  I can just hear the conversations now...

Me:  "Hey mom, I bet that Bella Floral Duvet & Shams would be super comfy..."
Mom:  "No."
Alternative:  bed-in-a-bag

Me:  "Hey mom, that Graphic Bloom Leanback Lounger would be a great place to sit and study..."
Mom:  "No."
Alternative:  dorm-issued hard-as-nails wooden chair with stained 1/4 inch thick seat cushion

Me:  "Hey mom, those stylish Ready-to-Roll Storage Carts will help me stay really organized..."
Mom:  "No."
Alternative:  you know those flimsy black assemble-yourself wire "shelves"?  yeah.

Me:  "Hey mom, check out that Popcorn Machine!"
Mom:  "No."
Alternative:  Ramen noodles straight from the hot-pot

Monday, August 22, 2011

decorative dispensers

As the summer is winding down (yes!  it is, all you people in denial - me being one of them...), you really need to throw one last summer soiree!  Soak in the sun, laugh with some friends, and prepare a mighty feast equipped with some great summer beverages.  And you need not have to worry about your hostess prowess - have the guests help themselves!  I found some great drink dispensers that not only look amazing but fulfill function as well (no spills, re-filling pitchers, etc.).  The number one rule to clear glass dispensers?  You better make those beverages look refreshing and tasty!!!  You can add fresh fruit to plain old water, or find a recipe for a satisfying drink of choice and add some color!  You can find these dispensers at RSH Catalog, or check out a local home store for more options.

Bristol Beverage Dispenser

Channing Drink Dispenser

Chic Drink Dispenser

Ribbed Drink Dispenser

Valencia Drink Dispenser

Thursday, August 18, 2011

pure, clean & simple

Noted fashion designer Norma Kamali has opened a Wellness Cafe inside her New York City boutique.  Who is Norma Kamali and what is she know for, you ask???  Only THE MOST ICONIC bathing suit ever!!!  She designed that infamous red one-piece bathing suit in the worldly-know Farrah Fawcett swimsuit shot (the bathing suit has been recently donated to the Smithsonian)!!!  In 2010 she was also honored as one of WWD's "100 Designers Who Shaped Fashion."  Keeping in line with her design philosophy to promote self-esteem and wellness, she offers her favorite wellness products, foods and solutions in her new Cafe.  Everything offered is all organic and natural, from her olive oil products (she swears by it) to her tooth soap.  The design of the Cafe reflects her philosophy as well - pure, clean and simple.  A pure white color palette, clean geometric lines and a simple de-cluttered atmosphere.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

secondhand style

I've found a new passion that has been driving Chuck up a wall.  Garage sale treasure hunting!!!  In Ohio, there's only a couple months out of the year to enjoy the sport because there's either ten feet of snow on the ground or it's hot and humid enough to make you melt.  So now is the perfect time to put your game face on and go a hunting.  And it is truly hunting because you really need to weed your way through all the trash - and btw people, "one man's trash is another man's treasure" is not always the case.  Do I really want your old underwear?  Answer: no.  But when you do find that one great treasure after searching for what seems like days, it's the greatest feeling ever!  What a sense of accomplishment!  Good for you!  Way to go!  On to the next...  So in my great quest for treasures, I found this home that gives the word vintage a new meaning.  The owners of this Minnesota home recruited a designer who has a knack for repurposing the unexpected.  Their home is a combination of the family's favorite pieces from their old Wisconsin farmhouse mixed with unique antique finds.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

a look inside...

I love taking a peek into the homes of the stars......  What do they live like?  What is their style preference?  What color palettes do they favor? 

Celeb:  Mariah Carey
Location:  Manhattan Apartment
Style Preference:  Glitzy Glam (I think we all could've guessed that one???)

Celeb:  Michael Jackson
Location:  Neverland Ranch in California's Santa Ynez Valley
Style Preference:  Rusticity & Refinement (surprisingly, Michael opted to keep most of the interiors as they were when he purchased the property) 

Celeb:  Lionel Richie
Location:  Beverly Hills, California
Style Preference:  Italian Renaissance Revival / Singer-Songwriter Sanctuary (when asked where his favorite vacation spot is, his answer is home)

Celeb:  Frank Sinatra
Location:  Palm Springs, California
Style Preference:  Fully-Renovated Resort (over four decades, the singer's home went from one-story, two-bedrooms to an 18-bedroom, 23-bath compound equipped with a theater room, full-sevice salon, tennis court, and more!)  

Celeb:  Sting & wife Trudie
Location:  Wiltshire, England
Style Preference:  Warm & Inviting (they turned the formal barrel-vaulted dining hall into a studio)

Celeb:  Tina Turner
Location:  French Riviera
Style Preference:  Mediterranean Style (Turner was referred to as a "natural born decorator" by her designers and set the tone of the design)