Friday, August 5, 2011

friday fun find: poop products.....yes, really.

When I heard about these recycled products I nearly crapped my pants (pun intended).  Found online at Abe's Market, Mr. Ellie Pooh LLC literally sells poop.  Recycled elephant dung, to be exact.  In paper form.  It's actually a pretty interesting story.  Mr. Ellie Pooh, as he is now know, is a huge animal lover and soon discovered the need for volunteers around the globe to care for the environment and the animals that lived there.  His path of choice?  To care for the elephants in Sri Lanka.....hence the recycled elephant dung.  There's not much of the story after that, only that he now has his own line of eco-friendly poop paper (as well as a bunch of other environmental products that aren't as exciting as poop in my opinion).  The products are 100% recycled - made up of 50% fiber from elephant dung and 50% post consumer paper.

Elephant Dung Paper Letter Set - Orange

Elephant Dung Paper Notebox - Robin's Egg Blue

Eco-Friendly Poo Pads (Note Pads)

Embossed Elephant Dung Book Marks

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