Monday, August 22, 2011

decorative dispensers

As the summer is winding down (yes!  it is, all you people in denial - me being one of them...), you really need to throw one last summer soiree!  Soak in the sun, laugh with some friends, and prepare a mighty feast equipped with some great summer beverages.  And you need not have to worry about your hostess prowess - have the guests help themselves!  I found some great drink dispensers that not only look amazing but fulfill function as well (no spills, re-filling pitchers, etc.).  The number one rule to clear glass dispensers?  You better make those beverages look refreshing and tasty!!!  You can add fresh fruit to plain old water, or find a recipe for a satisfying drink of choice and add some color!  You can find these dispensers at RSH Catalog, or check out a local home store for more options.

Bristol Beverage Dispenser

Channing Drink Dispenser

Chic Drink Dispenser

Ribbed Drink Dispenser

Valencia Drink Dispenser

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  1. We love these…we have one that is cut crystal the says PARIS! We love just love it and use for all family occasions!

    Have a terrific tuesday!

    Renee and Angela