Tuesday, August 23, 2011

diva-licious dorm decor

What did your dorm room look like when you were in college?  What type of theme did you go for?  Did you have a coordinating color scheme with your roomies?  Um, yeah.  Me neither.  Living in a quad my freshman year, four people coming together was a mish-mash of crap, all thrown together in one tiny room in hopes that we all won't kill each other and we pass with flying colors and return the next year as sophomores.  It seems a little different nowadays in regards to dorm room style.  There seems to be a little more attention drawn towards college comfort.  The coolest of dorm decor can now be found (very affordably) at stores like Target, Kohls, etc., and maybe a little more on the pricey side from PBdorm, a spin-off site from PBteen that I just discovered.  It seems a little over the top to me, but hey, more power to ya if you can afford the luxuries of Pottery Barn for your kids dorm rooms (and yes parents, I mean you since the kids are definitely not the ones paying for their dorm decor......hello?  everyone knows that all college students are super poor).  The room inspirations from PBdorm are so comfy and stylish, I only dreamt of a room this...

The offerings from PBdorm are a college student's fantasy.  I can just hear the conversations now...

Me:  "Hey mom, I bet that Bella Floral Duvet & Shams would be super comfy..."
Mom:  "No."
Alternative:  bed-in-a-bag

Me:  "Hey mom, that Graphic Bloom Leanback Lounger would be a great place to sit and study..."
Mom:  "No."
Alternative:  dorm-issued hard-as-nails wooden chair with stained 1/4 inch thick seat cushion

Me:  "Hey mom, those stylish Ready-to-Roll Storage Carts will help me stay really organized..."
Mom:  "No."
Alternative:  you know those flimsy black assemble-yourself wire "shelves"?  yeah.

Me:  "Hey mom, check out that Popcorn Machine!"
Mom:  "No."
Alternative:  Ramen noodles straight from the hot-pot


  1. Wow, a far cry from the dorm rooms in our day.
    Angela and Renee

  2. Funny thing is, I never could do the Ramen noodles. Ever!

  3. Very cool! A dorm side stylish!