Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"grit and glamour"

The Soho Beach House boutique hotel located in Miami Beach is just what you'd picture a beach house to look like...........and then some.  The hotel's design is not based on the typical white modern style seen everywhere around Miami, rather it's what the designer calls a combination of "grit and glamour."  Old and new textures and colors are amazingly blended together to create comfortably beautiful spaces.  It's one of the most creatively designed spaces I've seen thus far in a boutique has the soothing sense of worn and distressed warmth, yet is combined with the type of glitz you'd want in a hotel.


Club Bar

Spa & Salon

Cecconi's Restaurant & Bar 

Pool & Rooftop Bar


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

marimekko madness!

The bold prints and colors of Marimekko are so unique and original they're unmistakable.  Their products are so whimsical and vibrant they make you happy just looking at them!  That's why when I found out that the products are very affordable, I knew at that moment I was going to go broke saving money......  They can be found at Crate & Barrel and also Finnstyle.

Items above found on Finnstyle - A. Leinikki Clutch Handbag, $129.00, B. Blue Siirtolapuutarha Serving Bowl, $49.00, C. Tumma Green/Purple Throw Pillow, $34.00, D. Unikko Dinnerware, separately priced, E. Karkuteilla Textile Art, $73.00, F. Kippis Tray, $49.00, G. PuutarHurin Parhaat Oven Mitt, $19.00, H. Mini-Unikko Bibs, $28.00

Monday, May 23, 2011

valuably versatile

There's one thing in common with all 5 photos below.  Do you notice what it is???

via Elle Decor

via Midwest Living

If you guessed the zebra skin, you're correct!  Every so often, a great piece comes along that is versatile enough to be used in any style or setting.  If you notice above, there are a range of room styles - traditional, global, modern....yet the skin seems to work fabulously in each setting!  Versatile decor can prove very valuable.  Relocate the piece to a different room for an updated look or pair it with a new furniture grouping.  And they will be your go-to pieces for accessorizing as your styles change throughout the years!

Friday, May 20, 2011

happy birthday, chuck!!!

Today we're celebrating one of the most important days in history......

Happy birthday to my wonderful husband - my life, my love, my world.  I am truly blessed to have you in my life and to be able to share each and every moment with you.

So a big birthday toast to you - I love you today, tomorrow, and always : )

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I love everything about this space - the neutral palette, the natural light, and the fact that it's eco-friendly.  The first thing that caught my eye were the natural twig chandeliers, which sport LED light bulbs.  The random criss-crossing movement of the twigs plays a huge contrast against the straight lines that make up the remainder of the space.  The dining table is made of concrete that flanks a tree slice, the chairs are made of organic upholstery, and the walls are coated in zero-VOC paint.  The natural wood tone of the stairs adds warmth to the neutral surroundings.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

vintage vibe

Adding vintage pieces to a space can bring a sense of uniqueness, as well as a certain sense of warmth since the pieces are usually worn and broken-in (you know, kinda like grandma's old couch.......davenport?).  They also share a history and bring back an appreciation of the past.  One design element that people usually drool over is the detailing that can be found in vintage pieces.......the hand finishing, unusual buttons, hand embroidery, unique applique, beautiful beading, and other techniques that were used to make these pieces one-of-a-kind.  Add some past to your space by picking up some vintage items, such as these from Jayson Home and Garden..... 

A. Vintage Vanity, B. Vintage Fretwork Daybed, C. Vintage Suzani Pillows, D. Vintage Black Canister, E. Vintage Factory Cart, F. Vintage Brass Bucket, G. Vintage Loveseat

Monday, May 16, 2011

go big or go home

If there's one design statement that I love more than anything, it's got to be obnoxious, oversized headboards.  And what do I love even more than oversized headboards???  The fact that you can pretty much use any kind of material to create a statement.  You can fashion a fantastic headboard of your own with just a little creativity and imagination.  Here are a few inspirations........ upholstered, large-scale fabric board in an unexpected shape...............

........a textured, fabric wall panel that stands at the center of attention...........

........a colorful, oversized painting to coordinate with the bedding......... antique, vintage chalkboard with a whimsical drawing.........

..........spray painted, bamboo screens in a contrasting color.........

Friday, May 13, 2011

friday fun find: city plates

Check out these super cool City Plates from notNeutral!  The porcelain plates are 12 inches in diameter and feature each city's aerial downtown core, highlighting its key buildings with red icons and its rivers and public spaces in blue and green.  They even come packaged with their own printed key to the city, describing all the major landmarks and structures.  Twenty cities make up the entire collection.  These are a great gift idea - give to a friend that has just visited one of these major cities, ship to a friend that lives across the ocean, or gift as destination vacation spots!

LA City Plate

London City Plate

Tokyo City Plate

Washington DC City Plate

drab to fab!

Add a colorful twist to a room that you spend a lot of time in..........your bathroom!  If you actually stop to think about how much time you spend near the commode, it is quite a bit of your precious minutes.  In the morning when you first awake, primping for that big night out, soaking your tootsies in the tub, perfecting your vocals in the shower, giving the kids that much needed scrub, etc, etc, etc.  Why not turn drab into fab and create a space that energizes you when you enter?  Paint the walls a vibrant color and add some contrasting colored accents (ie. shower curtain, towels, rugs, vanity accessories) to create some character!

above two images via Better Homes & Gardens

via House Beautiful

Monday, May 9, 2011

holy hides!

These leathers from Green Hides are like a breath of fresh air..............

Dakar Embossing, Labarinto, Viola

Dakar Embossing, Haiti, Zucchero di Canna

Hypnotic, Purple Haze

Dakar, Cobalto

Celtico, Sapphire

Thursday, May 5, 2011

happy margarita day!

Happy Cinco de Mayo to all!  Today is a celebration of the margarita (at least that's how I'm celebrating today).  This simple but delicious drink has gone unnoticed and has been the underdog all year long....until today.  On its big day, it needs to bask in all its glory and deserves to be accompanied by the perfect accessories in order to hold its head high............

How to accessorize the perfect margarita:

Its throne:  the decorative margarita glass
(Calyspso Citron Margarita Glass - Crate & Barrel)

Its backstage dressing room:  the decorative serving pitcher
(Calypso Citron Pitcher - Crate & Barrel)

Its perfect accessory:  the cocktail napkin
(Melon Ball Beverage Napkins - Crate & Barrel)

Its red carpet:  the serving tray
(Samba Orange Tray - Crate & Barrel)

Now that I've given you the tools to accessorize the perfect margarita, I hope you take the time today to give the margarita the special day it deserves.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

trendy toddlers

The design of Oklahoma City’s Uptown Kids, a children's clothing store, by Elliott + Associates Architects is based upon a simple grid system.  The grid is a combination of black painted steel pipes with square insert panels clad in white plastic laminate.  The constant intersecting lines and the contrast of the grid system is a great way keep the consumer's eye wandering and create movement in the space.  Displays are easily integrated into the system, using clip-on display signage and boxes that are perfect to house toys and other small items.  To catch the kids attention, an enclosed playroom is highlighted using transparent yellow acrylic panels and features a giant pivoting yellow door.  The playroom is the assigned spot for making art, telling stories, and showing short videos.  The three fitting rooms also act as smaller playrooms, where kids can strut their stuff while modeling their new outfits.  Aside from the yellow playroom, the space is comprised of all black and white elements.  The only color in the space is the vivid artwork adorning the walls, and of course, the vibrant merchandise that directly catches the consumer's eye.  I think that was done on purpose???  ; )