Thursday, May 5, 2011

happy margarita day!

Happy Cinco de Mayo to all!  Today is a celebration of the margarita (at least that's how I'm celebrating today).  This simple but delicious drink has gone unnoticed and has been the underdog all year long....until today.  On its big day, it needs to bask in all its glory and deserves to be accompanied by the perfect accessories in order to hold its head high............

How to accessorize the perfect margarita:

Its throne:  the decorative margarita glass
(Calyspso Citron Margarita Glass - Crate & Barrel)

Its backstage dressing room:  the decorative serving pitcher
(Calypso Citron Pitcher - Crate & Barrel)

Its perfect accessory:  the cocktail napkin
(Melon Ball Beverage Napkins - Crate & Barrel)

Its red carpet:  the serving tray
(Samba Orange Tray - Crate & Barrel)

Now that I've given you the tools to accessorize the perfect margarita, I hope you take the time today to give the margarita the special day it deserves.

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