Wednesday, December 29, 2010

rustic retreat

I would give anything at this very moment to pack a suitcase (or two) and head to this rustic retreat located in Cashiers, North Carolina.  Architect Stanley Dixon and designer Kathleen Rivers designed the house in keeping with the natural beauty and colors of the surrounding mountain region.  The spacious rooms, tall ceilings, and open airy porches are inviting and welcoming, and the materials and color palettes are so serene and comforting!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

concrete elegance

Loving the new Aplomb concrete pendant fixture from Foscarini.  Designed by Paolo Lucidi and Luca Pevere, the slim-line suspension light is available in natural gray, white, or brown.  The name Aplomb comes from a plumb-bob traditionally used by masons.

Monday, December 27, 2010

rumor has it...

For those of you that are head-over-heels in love with Las Vegas, here's another reason for your secret love affair.  Rumor hotel, Vegas' newest all-suite modern chic boutique hotel, located across from the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.  Formerly the St. Tropez Hotel, the new resort hotel offers 150 suites, a restaurant & bar / lounge, and of course, what Vegas hotel wouldn't be without a pool and stylish cabanas.  I feel very deprived and need a sin city fix pronto, especially after viewing these stunning pics of their newest hotel!!!

Addiction Restaurant, Bar & Lounge
The clean sophistication of the white and black color palette is contrasted by the purple and pink pops of color (love the stenciled pink utensil set on the main dining wall) as well as the organic natural wood of the bar stools.

Junior Suites
These are their base grade suites...  The color combination is distinguished and chic yet modern.  The custom carpet design is divine!!!

Deluxe & Premium Oasis Suites
These suites have similar design elements as the Junior suites, but are comprised of two rooms instead of one.  The Premium Oasis suites have floor-to-ceiling glass patio doors that open to the poolside.

And here are what they call the Fantastic Four:  four stunningly sexy mega suite designs that will have you wide-eyed....get ready to pick up your jaws, people...

Camoflauge Mega Suite

Diva Mega Suite

Gossip Mega Suite

Swinger Mega Suite

So what suite fits your fancy???  I think I'll go with the Camo, please...

P.S....and it's pet friendly!  Bonus!!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

favorite christmas memory...

My #1 all-time cherished Christmas memory:

The leg lamp, hands (er, legs?) down. 

Ok, so maybe not just the lamp but the entire A Christmas Story movie.  I couldn't wait until Christmas when they played it in the marathon loop over and over and over again.  And being filmed in Cleveland (BTW, I just drove past the house a couple weeks ago, and boy did they turn that into a money-maker!  You can now get a full tour of the house - leg lamp included in the front window - and get harassed by the many parking lot attendants fighting over you to park in their lot.  I mean, come on guys, I'm just trying to drive by!  Get off the hood of my car!) makes it even more memorable.

So in checking out the website,, I not only discovered you could purchase a life-size leg lamp (crate optional), but there are many other leg lamp memorabilia for sale that made me chuckle:

Leg Lamp String of Lights

Leg Lamp Snow Globe

Leg Lamp Ornament
(Ok, I admit I own one of these, and it's really cool!  When you open the crate it repeats quotes from the movie (ie. "Fragile....that must be Italian").

Leg Lamp Cookie Cutter

Leg Lamp Stocking

What's your all-time favorite Christmas memory???

Have a Happy, Healthy, Merry Christmas!!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

pretty in peppermint

Mmmmmm...these candy cane inspired interiors and holiday decor had me droooooling......more peppermint please!

image via House Beautiful

above two images via Country Living

above two images via Better Homes & Gardens

above six images via Good Housekeeping

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

fanciful feathers

Although I love the traditional Christmas decor (ie. bulbs, lights, garland, etc.), I can't help but find myself straying to the non-traditional.  My stray of choice this year.............feathers!  I love the whimsy they add, and there are so many ways to incorporate them into the holiday festivities.

I'm all about the traditional pine tree, but the look of these feather trees are so soft and airy as opposed to the sharp needles we often contend with...

Green Feather Tree, Pier 1 Imports

image via Family Circle

It's all about the presentation: the feathers applied to the end of this gift ribbon add great contrast and texture to the neatly wrapped package.

By combining feathers with natural foliage, they spruce up the monotony of the branches by adding vibrant color and varied texture. 

image via House Beautiful

image via Family Circle

Tuesday, December 21, 2010 we dream by the fire...

If there's one thing you do this holiday season, it's to make sure to get warm and toasty by the fire!  There's nothing more relaxing than to sit in front of a fire with loved ones, great conversation, and a nice glass of wine (or hot cocoa, per your preference).  The warmth and ever-changing colors of the flames can be so mesmerizing and soothing, it's a natural remedy to calm the stresses of the holidays!

above five images via Country Living

above two images via House Beautiful

above two images via House to Home