Tuesday, December 14, 2010

paints: put to the test

In rifling through the millions of magazines my grandmother has piled in her house (ie. Sew News, Woman's Day, Family Circle - some of them circa 2006?), I came across an interesting article in the April 2008 issue of Good Housekeeping.  The subject was great new paints (mind you, 2008) that the Good Housekeeping Research Institute had put to the test.  I did a little research just to make sure they were still on the market, and these are some of the finds:

Subject:  No-Primer Painting
Claim:  New Color Lock technology for enhanced coating; truer, richer hues; incredible hide and resistance to fading and color rub-off.
Test Results:  The white Aura paint completely masked a navy wall in just two coats.  It also spattered less and had greater stain resistance than the traditional Benjamin Moore paint. 
Pros:  Saves you time in the priming department & available in the 3,300 colors Benjamin Moore offers.
Cons:  Runs about $14 higher than Benjamin Moore's standard wall paint.

Subject:  Scent-Sational Ceilings
Product:  Dutch Boy Scented Ceiling Solution II
Claim:  Made with a clean, fabric softener scent that lasts up to three months (to mask the unpleasant paint odor); spatter resistance one-coat coverage.
Test Results:  Most testers found the scent pleasing, and it delivered full coverage in one coat.
Pros:  Costs the same as Dutch Boy's unscented ceiling paint.
Cons:  Since smell is a personal preference, you might want to take a whiff prior to purchase.  Not sure which scent I would prefer: the fabric softener or the paint??

Subject:  Spill & Splatter - Kitchen and Bath Pick
Claim:  Doubles as an impenetrable safeguard against mildew and stains in high-traffic areas such as kitchens and baths.
Test Results:  This product was highly recommended and scored highest for stain resistence; grease in particular came off with ease.
Pros:  Prevents stains and provides easy clean-up.
Cons:  The finish is noticeably glossier than eggshell, so if you prefer a more matte look this is not your best choice.

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