Friday, December 24, 2010

favorite christmas memory...

My #1 all-time cherished Christmas memory:

The leg lamp, hands (er, legs?) down. 

Ok, so maybe not just the lamp but the entire A Christmas Story movie.  I couldn't wait until Christmas when they played it in the marathon loop over and over and over again.  And being filmed in Cleveland (BTW, I just drove past the house a couple weeks ago, and boy did they turn that into a money-maker!  You can now get a full tour of the house - leg lamp included in the front window - and get harassed by the many parking lot attendants fighting over you to park in their lot.  I mean, come on guys, I'm just trying to drive by!  Get off the hood of my car!) makes it even more memorable.

So in checking out the website,, I not only discovered you could purchase a life-size leg lamp (crate optional), but there are many other leg lamp memorabilia for sale that made me chuckle:

Leg Lamp String of Lights

Leg Lamp Snow Globe

Leg Lamp Ornament
(Ok, I admit I own one of these, and it's really cool!  When you open the crate it repeats quotes from the movie (ie. "Fragile....that must be Italian").

Leg Lamp Cookie Cutter

Leg Lamp Stocking

What's your all-time favorite Christmas memory???

Have a Happy, Healthy, Merry Christmas!!!!

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