Thursday, December 9, 2010

warm & cozies

With winter now in full effect, I love nothing more than a warm and cozy drink to (temporarily) soothe the harsh slap in the face of the winter winds.  Ok, so maybe I do love something more than the drink itself....the presentation!  There is something very self-fulfilling about preparing an impressive-looking and tasty drink in the cutest of glass and dishware.  If I had enough cabinet space (and Chuck's approval), I would own about 20 sets of cups, dishes, platters, you name it, to suit my current mood and the goodies I serve my guests.  If you love entertaining as much as I do, here are some festive ideas and presentations for some warm and cozies (click on the descriptions for the recipes and prepare some of your own)!


  1. *droooooool* i feel like homer simpson (yes, i'd eat flour straight out of the bag if nothing else were at home ;))

    i love love love hot drinks in any form and shape, ideally with cream on top. gorgeous pics, i totally fancy a cuppa now ;)

  2. yes, please, I'll take one of everything! I'll definitely be whipping up a few of these this weekend.