Monday, December 6, 2010

elegant design + creative food = wild mango

If there was one place I could eat every day of my life, it would definitely be Wild Mango restaurant in North Olmsted, Ohio.  The interior design and ambiance feel like you've just stepped into a five star restaurant, the staff and service make you feel like royalty, the food (the quality and presentation) is out of this world, and best of all: the prices are very reasonable!!!

Colorful blown glass flowers greet you in the main vestibule and suggest that you're in for a very creative treat!

The main entry feels grand with the combination of its tall ceilings and whimsical circle design, marble columns and flooring, and large colorful artwork.

The dining areas vary in design.  Above, the combination of the two-toned horizontal striped wallcovering with the plush purple-toned velvet upholstery give this space a swanky and elegant feel.  The light color of the oversized rose artwork creates the focal point of the room and adds great visual interest.  The full-height tufted backs of the banquettes add a contrasting vertical element.

This dining area provides a totally different feel and mood from the above.

The bar area is a great place to kick back and relax with its cushy sofas and soft hanging fabric accents.  The mixed use of fabrics gives it kind of an eclectic feel, yet keeps with the sophistication of the main restaurant.

The presentation of the food is like nothing I've ever seen before.  Not only is the plating creative, but the food is absolutely phenomenal!  I am all about design and all about food, so this makes for one amazing place!

Their spun-sugar sculptures are absolutely amazing!  And very tasty too : )

images via flickr

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