Tuesday, May 3, 2011

trendy toddlers

The design of Oklahoma City’s Uptown Kids, a children's clothing store, by Elliott + Associates Architects is based upon a simple grid system.  The grid is a combination of black painted steel pipes with square insert panels clad in white plastic laminate.  The constant intersecting lines and the contrast of the grid system is a great way keep the consumer's eye wandering and create movement in the space.  Displays are easily integrated into the system, using clip-on display signage and boxes that are perfect to house toys and other small items.  To catch the kids attention, an enclosed playroom is highlighted using transparent yellow acrylic panels and features a giant pivoting yellow door.  The playroom is the assigned spot for making art, telling stories, and showing short videos.  The three fitting rooms also act as smaller playrooms, where kids can strut their stuff while modeling their new outfits.  Aside from the yellow playroom, the space is comprised of all black and white elements.  The only color in the space is the vivid artwork adorning the walls, and of course, the vibrant merchandise that directly catches the consumer's eye.  I think that was done on purpose???  ; )