Monday, August 29, 2011

posh pillows

Outer Banks Trading Group is featuring new pillows by Lacefield Designs.  These pillows would make for great conversation pieces.....  With the wide variety of styles, themes and color palettes, you're sure to find a couple to coordinate with your existing decor!

#05 "Love" Bird on Flax Pillow

#02 Conch Shell Pillow

#03 Rooster Grainsack Pillow

#01 Architectural Drawing Silk Screen Pillow

#06 Grey Snail on Yellow Dot Fabric Pillow

#02 Night Owl with Applique Pillow

#09 Pardevant Silk Screen with Mint Stripe Applique Pillow

#14 You Are My Sunshine Pillow

#01 Bird of Paradise Pillow

#03 Timepiece with Raw Edge Pillow


  1. Very versatile I have to agree. I adore the roosters, the scripted applique and the clocks to bits...


  2. They seem to offer something for every style. Going to check them out!
    Angela and Renee