Tuesday, August 16, 2011

secondhand style

I've found a new passion that has been driving Chuck up a wall.  Garage sale treasure hunting!!!  In Ohio, there's only a couple months out of the year to enjoy the sport because there's either ten feet of snow on the ground or it's hot and humid enough to make you melt.  So now is the perfect time to put your game face on and go a hunting.  And it is truly hunting because you really need to weed your way through all the trash - and btw people, "one man's trash is another man's treasure" is not always the case.  Do I really want your old underwear?  Answer: no.  But when you do find that one great treasure after searching for what seems like days, it's the greatest feeling ever!  What a sense of accomplishment!  Good for you!  Way to go!  On to the next...  So in my great quest for treasures, I found this home that gives the word vintage a new meaning.  The owners of this Minnesota home recruited a designer who has a knack for repurposing the unexpected.  Their home is a combination of the family's favorite pieces from their old Wisconsin farmhouse mixed with unique antique finds.


  1. What unique pieces that make this a personal space.
    Angela and Renee

  2. I am smiling now!!! Do you know that I never thought of treasure and trash hunting in garage sales until I started blogging and saw some fellow bloggers come up with amazing treasures!

    Glad your'e having fun...