Tuesday, October 25, 2011

bring out the ghouls....

Halloween is almost here!  Are you prepared?  Do you have candy to pass out?  Costumes for the kids?  Tricks and treats?  Is your Halloween tree up?  Wait, what?!?  Yes, a Halloween tree.  Every year, my good friend from Arizona puts up her annual Halloween tree and decks the halls with all her ghoulish gear.  She is quite the Halloween buff, I think maybe because her birthday falls one day before the devilish day so it's a chance for a double celebration...  A couple years ago, I gifted her with some ornamental creatures from Pier 1 Imports to add to her tree display, and every Halloween I think about these ornaments and how darn cute they were.  And OK, I'll admit that I now want to start a Halloween tree of my own!!!

Wooden Devil & Mummy Ornaments

Wooden Dracula & Skeleton Ornaments

Wooden Thief & Jailbird Ornaments

Wooden Girl & Ghost Ornaments

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