Wednesday, September 28, 2011

b salty, b sweet

There are a couple design elements that caught my eye at BB's Kitchen located in Aspen, Colorado, designed by Rowland+Broughton Architecture & Urban Design.  The red-hot accents hit me at first, creating such a striking contrast against the warm neutral wood tones.  The playful artwork takes center stage as well.  In the bar area, text art spells out the words "Purely Delicious" and a "B Salty, B Tasty, B Hungry" saying holds your interest in the dining area (playing off the "B" in BB's kitchen - genius!!).  The simple clean lines and sharp right angles of the space are yet another eye-catcher, yet are toned down due to the warm atmosphere.  And my favorite?  The bathroom!  The pin-up girl wallpaper sets a black and white backdrop, but is interrupted by the pop of the cherry red countertop.

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