Tuesday, March 22, 2011

basement blahs?

When you think of basements, what first comes to mind?  Dark, cold, damp, sometimes creepy....  When you think of finished basements, what first function comes to mind?  A rec room for the kids?  A man-cave where you can disappear from the wife and kids?  Well, maybe those would work, but a finished basement can serve other functions as well!  Let me rephrase that - a correctly finished basement....  Basements can add much more liveable square footage to a house than you think!  A sitting room, bedroom, home office, etc. can be added to your home as long as you create them in a tasteful and comfortable way.  And the number one aspect that is looked past by most homeowners?  Lighting!  Add enough lighting to make up for the lack of natural light.  Also, keep the majority of the finishes light (paint, carpet, fabrics, etc.) to give the rooms a bright and airy feel.

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