Tuesday, March 8, 2011

a bird's eye view...

Finca Bellavista is an up-and-coming residential community located on the sourthern coast of Costa Rica.  The difference between this community and others?  It's the world's first planned, modern, sustainable treehouse community!  It was founded on accident by a couple that was looking for some property for a vacation home.  The project is located on 350-acres and is currently selling lots to the public.  It has five completed homes, other houses in various stages of construction, and about 24 other buildings, including a community center with a large kitchen and dining hall, an open-air lounge and WiFi zone, a bath house, and other community-supportive structures.  The site is situated near national parks, beaches, whitewater rivers, hiking trails, and mountainscapes.  In order to build the treehouse of their dreams, clients can work with the on-site developers, botanists, and construction company to customize their homes, since there's not two treehouses that are alike!  Oh, and I think you're out of luck if you're afraid of heights:  zip-lines and walking trails are the main forms of transportation!

Mis Ojos Treehouse
*Two-story, 450 square feet of interior living space, 800 square feet of platform space*

El Castillo Treehouse
*combined total of 1,100 square feet*


Casa Mariposa
*combined total of 1,600 square feet*

Community Center Building

Community Dining Gazebo

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