Tuesday, March 15, 2011

look better naked

That's the slogan for the new David Barton Gym in New York.  Living in the city for years, the designer wanted to put a spin on the usual bare, bland gyms that plagued the area.  The new four-level 37,000 square foot gym is his most personalized (other locations include Miami Beach, Seattle, Chicago, and another currently in New York), incorporating interior finishes and creating moods that one would normally never think of in a gym.  This unique space houses a giant disco ball dj booth (dj booths can be seen in all his gyms), vibrant murals, a "batcave" inspired men's locker room, a "brocade-patterned" boxing area, a "zen-dungeon" Pilates studio, unique sculptures, antique furniture, and many other areas you may find in your gym around the corner, just with a twist.  Where do I sign???