Thursday, April 7, 2011

diy easter place card holders

Easter is around the corner!  Have you thought about the menu?  Who to invite?  The table setting?  These festive Easter Egg Basket Place Card Holders from Pottery Barn will be sure to keep you organized and remind you of your guest list.  However, a set of 4 will run you $24.99 (on sale and non-returnable online), so why not make them yourself for half the cost???  Just visit your local craft store (or search online) to pick up some mini wicker baskets and raffia (for the filling), grab a bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs (which your guests can actually enjoy - the Pottery Barn version eggs are not edible!), and attach some colored paper to some toothpicks for the place cards! 

DIY Version:

(if you're feeling extra festive, give these baskets a coat of paint or give them a dye job - add some drops of food coloring to water, fully submerge the baskets, and let dry - just make sure to allow for enough dry time before the big day...)

Bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs - found at most local supermarket or drug stores for about $5.00 for a 10 oz. bag

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