Thursday, April 21, 2011

whimsical in white

Is that....wait a minute.  Is that the SUN that's shining outside?!?!???!  You mean, that bright thing in the sky I haven't seen since somewhere around eight months ago?!?  Yes, it is.  Finally here.  But not for long.  MORE rain predicted in the forecast.  So instead of blogging, I really should be frolicking in the fields out of sheer joy!  But first, a space that matches my mood today.........

The designer molded this monochromatic palette by combining whites and textures, and by adding a bit of natural wood tones as accents.  One thing I noticed in this space?  The detailed feet of the furniture, like on the coffee table below.  The space is so sophisticated, but these small touches of whimsy add so much character.......  I also love the two accent table shapes......who says they have to match???

The molded resin chairs add movement in the dining room......and I love them paired with the two-toned wood table.

The feet on the stools are so unexpected!  I love them!  And the clear glass light fixture adds another great texture to the space.

Yet another great light fixture above the dining table.  And you can barely make them out, but the legs on the dining rooms chairs are not your typical formal legs!!!  Click on the picture to enlarge.

Ok, a frolicking I go!

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