Monday, April 25, 2011

outrageously organic

These accessories and home decor from Unison Home immediately caught my eye.  They are crafted from fabulous organic patterned fabrics, and come in a great variety of colors!

The Larch pattern: inspired by the criss-crossing pattern of Larch tree branches.

Larch Moss Tablecloth Set

Larch Organic Charcoal Small Rectangle Pillow

Larch Plum Duvet

The Reed pattern: inspiration comes from the abstract shadows of wetland reeds.

Reed Emerald Cocktail Napkins

Reed Zest Square Pillow

The Lush pattern:  inspired from flourishing blossoms and abundant florets.

Lush Zipper Bags

Lush Turquoise Table Linens

The Static pattern:  inspiration comes from an enlarged static charge.

Static Magenta Potholder

The Juniper pattern:  inspired by Juniper blossoms and branches.

Juniper Journals - created from Unison scrap fabric & recycled paper

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  1. Love the Zest square pillow and that the fabric is organic!!