Monday, June 6, 2011

a designer + a contractor + a maltese

We'll have to say, this introduction is quite overdue.........  We would like for you all to meet Jack, our 4 year old, 8 lb. furry little boy.  He's a native from Arizona, the only boy of the litter, and he's got some sisters roaming about somewhere out there......  He brings much joy to our lives, and has taught us the art of patience.  Lots and lots of patience.  So that's practice for when we have babies, right???  He's quite the charmer.  And very mischievous.  And super-duper playful.  Even though he's four he still very much acts like a puppy.  What makes him tick?  Lounging, stealing socks from the laundry, not listening when he's told what to do, showing all his toys who's boss (by chewing off their faces), barking and more barking, living his life solely for treats, and being way too cute to ever stay mad at him (hence the charmer part).  Then there's his disease:  little-man syndrome.  Take the ginormous great danes (yes, plural) down the street for example.  He barks at them like there's no tomorrow, like he's just as big as they are.  He sure does have a big personality for a little guy, but that makes us love him all the more : )


  1. Maltese. Just about the most awesome dogs on the planet. I have French royalty, a poodle named FiFi, and a rock star Maltese named Bono. I love him so much. Your's is precious too. xx's

  2. Adorable! Just look at him in no 2. My heart just melted.. :)

    x Charlotta