Monday, June 20, 2011

laps in the living room

Last Tuesday's post featured a house with a swimming pool in the living room, so I thought it was pretty ironic when I was scrolling through the Yahoo newsreel and I found this article.  The article features, coincidentally, a Manhattan townhouse that is equipped with a pool in the living room!  The current owner had inherited the property from her brother, and is now looking to downsize.  It is on the market for $10.955 million, if anyone would like the luxury of taking a dip in their living room : ) 


  1. I see its close to the kitchen as well.... My husband would so fall in all the time on his way to or back from the fridge for his midnight snack... I kid you not! already laughing at the image...plunging into the pool with his milk and cookies...


  2. i wish there was a "like" button for your comment!!! hysterical!!