Wednesday, January 12, 2011

comfy in cashmere

My heart truly goes out to the FedEx and UPS drivers I've seen trying to make it up our hill.  (You mean, you haven't heard that the heavens above have dropped so much snow, that when it all melts it'll put another ocean on the map?!?!?)  Their poor little cardboard box trucks (and yes, they really do have doors on those things, because they were for sure sealed shut today) were bobbing and weaving with their tires spinning like mad, I think I actually heard the free-flow cussing from the upstairs window.  And while I sit here under a blanket writing this blog, I would love to offer each of them a goodie bag full o' cashmere to warm their souls....

Restoration Hardware Mini Cashmere Hand Warmers

Restoration Hardware Cashmere Souffle Scarf

Restoration Hardware Cashmere Throw

Restoration Hardware 3-Ply Cashmere Robe & Ballet Slippers

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