Monday, January 31, 2011

love me some laundry!

Since doing laundry pretty much completed my entire agenda yesterday, I thought I'd pay homage to the laundry gods and share some great designs. 

Space Savers
These stackable washer/dryer units are uncharacteristically located, but are cleverly integrated into the overall design to save space!

Light and Airy
Short on natural light?  The first design shows how you can cheat by installing translucent panels to steal natural light from an adjacent room.

Personalized Style
Add your own personal flair!  Bold wallcovering, accent cabinets, and pretty fabrics all add unique characteristics to these laundry room.


  1. If I could have the pink and white stripe wallpapered laundry room, I think I could do laundry all cute!!

  2. such great ideas. I plan on turning a small kitchen into a laundry/mud room and it's nice to see how to implement a proper sink into the area!

  3. Lisa, where can I find that vanity in the second image down...the one with the turquoise paint? I want that sink for my bathroom!!

  4. Do you happen to know what fabric is used on the first photo window?

  5. Amy - I can definitely help you find something like that! Let me know when you want to get started...out with the old, in with the new!!!

    Rene' - I tried looking up the fabric but couldn't find the source : (