Monday, January 10, 2011

lacquer it to me, baby

Lacquering the walls of a room can make it go from blah to beautiful in an instant. 

Anyone would feel like royalty dining in this space with its red lacquered walls.  Just paint instead?  Mmmm...not so regal.

By lacquering the crown molding the same color as the walls, the designer made the ceiling appear taller and also added interesting texture between ceiling and wall.

 Lacquer applied to custom millwork adds a high level of sophistication.

The bright blue adds great color and sheen to this neutral palette.

Of course, the ever-traditional, pristine white lacquer....  Since it's applied to such a small area, it makes the room feel that much more elegant. 

Heavily can see your reflection!

I absolutely love this space.  So it's a bit of a hot mess and I might have anxiety issues when walking through on a daily basis, but with its gorgeous blue lacquer, the bold floor pattern, and the crazy color accents, who doesn't kind of love it?

 The color of the walls and the area rugs are the same tone, but are somewhat unnoticeable due to their different textures. 

images via Elle Decor


  1. adore these photos! loving the laquer inspiration, but not sure how much work I'd have to do to my plaster first. hmmmm....the glossy is gorgeous, though

  2. lacquered plaster? may be on to something! : ) thanks for the comments!!!