Friday, January 14, 2011

friday fun find: the greens

There's a new family in town, and they're taking over the kitchen....The Greens!  They're a new line of kitchen utensils that have big personality and are making quite a name for themselves.  Not only do they each have their own distinct function, they are also eco-friendly, being made of recycled plastic and wood.  The quite popular bunch even made The "O" List....

Introducing some members of the fam......

Gaby Green Cheese Grater...take a bow.

Josie Green Ice Cream us up something sweet.

Joyce Green Citrus Reamer...she's so fresh!

Marshall Green Potato Masher...fried, baked, or scalloped?

Opie Green Wine Opener...another glass please!

 Sid Green Dish Brush...rock on.

You can pretty much find these peeps anywhere....  I located these on

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