Tuesday, February 1, 2011

fashion + design = today's colors

I'm forever searching Sherwin-William's website; checking out colors for inspiration, concepts, new products, green solutions, etc., etc., etc.  Color forecasting and trends always peak my interest, as to where and how these new fads are continually emerging.  At a brief stint as a new potential hire at a well-known paint conglomorate (it wouldn't be fair to name names, would it?), during the loooong draaaaawwn out interview process (ahem....approx. 3 in-person interviews - mind you I was living in Phoenix at the time - and approx. 4 phone interviews later) I got an outsider's glimpse of how the trending forecast played out.  In short, designers from around the world would gather and basically give their two cents until they could agree upon the upcoming trends of the new market.  They would speak of the hits and misses of their own region and see how well they meshed with others.  FYI - most of the color concepts and trends come directly from the fashion industry.  To me, this was the solidifying fact that fashion and design go hand-in-hand, and one cannot thrive without the other.  With that said, below are Today's Colors; the latest color palettes from Sherwin-Williams.  Which one can you best relate with?

Bold Invention
*experimental, artsy, expressive*

Gentle Medley
*fresh, airy, innocent*

Purely Refined
*elegant, tailored, understated*

Restless Nomad
*sultry, exotic, primal*

Oh, and BTW, after all the looooong draaaaaaaaaawwn out interview processes were said and done and everything looked positive and promising, about to be handed to me like a shiny new nickel, "said" conglomorate squashed the position due to a "funding / budget" issue.

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  1. I will be copying the 'purely refined' look, from the colors to the furniture. Gorgeous! and who doesn't love a hot pink bed (in the following pic) thanks for the inspiration