Friday, February 18, 2011

friday fun find: recycled sailcloth bags

What can be more unique than recycled sailcloth?  Handbags that are made of recycled sailcloth! 

The Ella Vickers Recycled Sailcloth Collection is a collection of bags that are made from authentic recycled / reclaimed yacht sails.  The line is green / eco friendly, urban chic, and ocean durable (water resistant, naturally!).  The extensive list of bags goes on and on:  briefcase bags, yoga bags, duffle bags, garment bags, totes, backpacks, etc., and there are also an abundance of accessories!  The design and graphics on the bags go hand in hand with the nautical them, obviously.  Inspired by her early sailing days, Ella Vickers took an ordinary material that many wouldn't even think of re-using, and recycled it into a fashionable product!  What is notable is that she also lends a hand in saving the planet while creating these stylish sacks.....the yacht sails are collected from around the world, in turn saving 20 thousand yards of sailcloth from the landfill each year!  Many props to you, Ella!!!  You go, girl!

Rope Tote Red Star

Wine Tote

Captains Briefcase

Original Duffel Set

EVSC Rope Tote


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