Monday, February 21, 2011

a+ for aquamarine

I'm loving Z Gallerie's aquamarine line of accessories....the hue is so vibrant and bold that just looking at the color makes me happy!

All in color aquamarine.....A. Bukhara Pillow, B. Casablanca Lanterns, C. Everglades Rectangular Tray, D. Suzani Collection, E. Filigree Urn, F. Lotus Flower Plaque, G. Magazine Tote & Boxes, H. Palmer Stool, I. Mimosa Reversible Bedding, J. Everglades Coasters, K. Lacquer Vase, L. Mariposa Collection


  1. Please let me know where I could find eitger of these pieces. Im putting together a new livingroom and accenting with aquamarine and teal

    1. Z Gallerie is what it says at the top