Thursday, February 17, 2011

the pod hotel, nyc

The Pod Hotel in New York City has got to be one of my favorite spaces.  They deem themselves as being the "hippest affordable hotel in NYC".  As for affordable, I'd have to do my research.  As for hippest, I think they're right on! 

The design is righteously original in itself...the concept plays on "airplane-inspired accommodations....looking to the mass transit's clever use of space and streamlined design."  The guestrooms themselves feature space-saving solutions, such as built-in drawers under the bed and the use of bunk beds in certain guestrooms.  You do, however, have the option to pick your pod: Queen Pod, Double Pod, Single Pod, Bunk Pod, and the Odd Pods, which feature a Double Double and a Townhouse Studio.  Click here to read more about the acccommodations of each pod.  The bathrooms are just as unique in their design, as they are equipped with compact stainless steel sinks and fixtures and have an in-room panel of lights to easily distinguish if the room is occupied (just like in an airplane!).  The other features in the hotel are their hip lobby, outdoor cafe, East Side Social Club lounge, and a trendy rooftop hangout.

Hip Hotel Lobby

Outdoor Cafe

Bunk Pod

Guestroom Bath Vanity

Townhouse Studio

images and info via & Hospitality Design

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