Monday, February 7, 2011

funky retro

I found one of the best beach houses EVER.  The design of this Oyster Bay, New York beach house screams funky retro with its fun vintage furnishings, decorative painted floors, and unique lily-pad theme.  The crisp color palette (love!) of lime green, white, and brown with a hint of hot orange lends to its beach-like surroundings.  My absolute favorites in this space are the painted floor (the designer wanted to stray from the geometric floor patterns that she felt were so overdone, so she went more organic), the spacious dining area, and the master bedroom oversized headboard!

images and info via House Beautiful


  1. When I first saw this on House Beautiful I was smitten! I marked it as inspiration because I LOVE green so much! But I seem to be torn between two loves these bright green fedish and my love for the rustic reclaimed wood and white scandinavian look. I was going to post about the two and try and get some feed back.... any suggestions on have to combine my likes?

  2. ooops on "how" not have...sorry typo!

  3. Rene' - I think the rough, rustic natural look of an interior can mesh so well with the bright, bold fresh look of a lime green. I love combining elements that are not necessarily "meant" to go together... I'll keep an eye out for some pics for you!!!