Monday, November 8, 2010

dudes n' man caves

So what is on the minds of most men lately?  Man caves, of course!  With the winter weather quickly approaching, dudes will need some place other than the garage to do all of their manly things (unless they have an abundance of insulation and a multitude of space heaters).  To melt your troubles away, below are a few design hints to create the ultimate man cave:  

1)  Visualize what you want your man cave to look like.  Choose a focal object (sports memorabilia, vintage jukebox, pool table, etc.) as your inspiration and create the overall look and color of the space around this object.

2)  Take measurements of your space and draw it to scale on some graph paper.  Include all (existing and new) walls, furniture, built-ins, etc. that you want to include in the room.  Any and all details on paper will be helpful for the end result.

3)  Make a list of all materials and tools you will need.  Leave a 10-15% allowance in your budget for any unforeseen costs. 

4)  Make a step-by-step list of what needs to done in order (ie. HVAC, electrical, drywall, etc.).  This list will help evaluate what work needs to be completed first.  Hire the help of professionals if you don't feel comfortable completing the work yourself.

5)  Set realistic goals and have fun creating your man cave!

Below are some ultimate man caves that might inspire you to create that unique man cave of your own!

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  1. Stop! The minute Michael sees one of these I'll never see Michael again...ha ha!! Love, Love, Love the blog!!!! Keep up the fab work!!!