Friday, November 5, 2010

a kaleidoscope of kitchens

I'm a huge sucker for color, and what better place to incorporate color than in your kitchen?  Check out these colorful kitchens and how each stimulates a different mood.  How does each make you feel?  Anxious, calm, energetic?  You be the judge!

Green Lacquer Galore:
Who needs coffee to wake up in the morning?  Just walk into this kitchen!

Black Beauty:
Combining the black and white make this kitchen extra classy, along with the continuous black crown molding and the black and white patterned flooring.

Brilliant Blue:
Using the white and blue together adds a sense of tranquility to the space.  I love the recessed ceiling pattern detail!

 above three images via House Beautiful

Pink Paradise:
Ok, so it kinda screams Barbie, but I'm digging it! 

 image via

Luscious Lime:
Who's in the mood for a margarita? 

Racy Red:
Pops of red add life and energy to this kitchen!

image via Elle Decor

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