Wednesday, November 17, 2010

there's a new woodworker in town...

I received Lowe's Creative Ideas magazine in the mail the other day and there was an advertisement for a new line of woodworking products for kids called Red Toolbox.  They feature a kid-sized woodworking bench and kid-friendly tool kit, along with a variety of wood kits that kids can assemble themselves (along with a little help from mom or dad).  The kits are available in three skill levels.  The product line promotes working together, being creative, and having fun!  I think this is an imaginative product line that any kid would absolutely love.  It is a great way to get them started early in familiarizing them with tools and their correct purpose, and it also teaches them that tools are not toys!  And instead of hiring a handyman, they'll be fixing those pesky problems around the house in no time!   
Red Toolbox Multi-Purpose Workbench with Toolbox

Red Toolbox Large Treasure Chest

Red Toolbox Hanging Bird Feeder

Red Toolbox Classic Tool Box

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