Tuesday, November 16, 2010

furniture face-lift

One great way to spruce up a room is to take your existing pieces of furniture and give them a whole new personality! 

 If your furniture is getting a little worn and dated, you have a multitude of choices you can make.  Two of the more common choices would be to re-stain the furniture to give it a fresh look, or re-paint it.  Re-painting is a great way to update, and is a bit easier and less labor intensive than the re-staining process.  You have a lot more freedom and creativity when it comes to re-painting and color choices.   The number one rule is have some fun and use your imagination!  If you're re-painting an entire bedroom set, paint the nightstands a bold bright color so they become the focal point of the room (just make sure the accent color meshes well with your existing color palette).  Create some interest to a bookshelf by painting the back of the bookshelf a different color from the rest.  You can also add some life to your dining chairs by painting the entire chair a neutral tone and contrast the seat in a vibrant accent color.  If you're feeling artistic, stencil or free-hand some fun patterns onto your pieces!

Here are some fun ideas to give that outdated furniture a much needed face-lift:

above three images via Canadian House and Home

image via House Beautiful

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