Monday, November 1, 2010

a more natural finish

One of Chuck's clients was in need of a new driveway and walkway for their backyard, and they were looking for a more natural alternative to standard concrete.  Chuck suggested doing an exposed aggregate finish, and the result was this.........

In an exposed aggregate finish, the first step is to choose a mix design.  A mix design is composed of certain aggregate (rock), sand, cement, and other additives.  The aggregate preferred for this application are generally lucky stone (white pea gravel) or a washed river stone.  These are more natural stones as compared to a mined aggregate such as limestone, which is found in your more standard concrete mix design.  This type of more natural aggregate can range in size and color depending on your preference, but check your local supplier for availability.

Once the aggregate is determined, the industry practices for the placement of this decorative finish are standard.  When the concrete is in place, a retardant agent is applied to the surface which then later must be washed off to expose the decorative aggregate finish.  Lastly, apply a sealer to enhance and protect the finish and enjoy!

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